Nonlinear thermo-mechanical buckling of axially compressive Ceramic-FGM-Metal cylindrical shell reinforced by orthogonal and spiral stiffeners

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In this paper, the nonlinear buckling and postbuckling behavior of orthogonal and spiral stiffened Ceramic-FGM-Metal thin circular cylindrical shells under axial compression loads is presented. The material properties of shell and stiffeners are assumed to be continuously varied in the thickness direction respecting to the piecewise functions. The shells are reinforced by rings, stringers and spiral stiffeners attached to inside surface of shells. The thermal effects are also included and the material properties of Ceramic-FGM-Metal are assumed to be temperature-dependent. By using the Donnell shell theory and Galerkin method, the explicit forms of critical buckling load and expression of postbuckling load-deflection curves relation are obtained. The effects of the stiffeners, temperature change, volume fraction index of shells and stiffeners are numerically investigated.

              University of Transport technology


Geometry and coordinate system of a stiffened Ceramic-FGM-Metal circular cylindrical shell

Functionally graded material (FGM) is the advanced composite material made from a mixture of metal and ceramic. The buckling and postbuckling behavior of FGM stiffened cylindrical shells has been an interesting issue in recent years.

Najafizadeh et al. [1] studied the linearly mechanical stability of FGM cylindrical shells stiffened by FGM stiffeners subjected to axial compression loading. The shell properties are assumed to vary continuously through the thickness direction and the equilibrium and stability equations are derived using the Sander’s assumption. Bich et al. [2], Dung and Nam [3] studied static and dynamic buckling behavior of FGM cylindrical shells with isotropic stiffeners by using Donnell shell theory and Galerkin method. Phuong et al [4,5] improved the smeared stiffener technique for spiral stiffeners to investigate the nonlinear postbuckling behavior of stiffened FGM and sandwich cylindrical shells under torsion load and axial compression.

According to the best knowledge of author, there is still no report in literature presented for nonlinear buckling behaviors of Ceramic-FGM-Metal cylindrical shells reinforced by spiral stiffener system subjected to axial compression load in thermal environment. Therefore, this paper presents an analytical approach on nonlinear axial compressive buckling of Ceramic-FGM-Metal cylindrical shells in the thermal environment reinforced by spiral and orthogonal FGM stiffeners.

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